Monday, March 2, 2015

What Do Your Pictures Say??

I’m talking about the ones you focus on or the ones in your mind?

I like to look at positive quotes and uplifting ones things that my mind can focus on. That bring about great things.

Those that are on my team, I’m always telling them to change that from a negative to a positive because your mind is listening to your words.

This is so true. If you tell yourself that you can’t do it your mind and body say Okay. If you say I can do this, it is amazing how your mind and body go to work on your behalf. Believe it can happen. Say it out load.

I just told my leader the other night that I would have a 100 people before the end of the month. I had made it to 99. Do you know what happened? That night a perfect stranger joined my team on the from IL.....I’m in WA.

Does the Universe listen? Does God work to make it happen?

Did I believe it would happen? You bet I did!
Do you know where I end my month? With 3 more to boot. I had set my goal and it came true.
I have set a goal for 120 by my Birthday in May.
I’ll keep you posted.

Did you know that if you think you’re going to get sick you will. How about thinking instead that you won’t get what is going around this year. If you tell yourself you are healthy instead. Don’t tell your body bad things. Don’t talk to it like you hate it. 
Think about this.... 
The bad things you say to yourself, would you say them to a child? I hope not.
You’re speaking to a young you when you say those bad things. I read a while back, sorry don’t know where, but it asked what you would do if someone talked bad to your child? Like you do when you say bad to yourself. You wouldn’t stand for it, would you. So why do you when you do it to yourself. This was an eye opener to me.

Love yourself nurture yourself. Tell yourself how wonderful you are.

Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how wonderful you are and that you love the person in the mirror.

Start living a life full of joy and success.

So no more negative thought or talk allowed.

I love this sign -------------->

Tell them loud and clear to SIT DOWN &

You are valuable and worthy of great things!!

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