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I Choose to be Optimistic.

I am working in a book/journal that is called “iChoose2 Love my Life” It is from
They have one for your company too. I haven’t had a chance to work in that one yet. I guess iChoose to be okay with that.

I am thankful that I can be late posting to my blog and it will be perfect timing for someone else.

I think this is a very true statement.  Why do you think some want to always look for the worst in everything? I don’t understand why you would want to make yourself that unhappy.

I love this one This is positive thinking at it finest. If we would have this kind of determination we would all be better off.

I choose to always look at life through rose color glasses. I want to find the happiness in life there is enough bad without me looking for it. From know on when you have a grumpy teller. Smile at them they may have just had a terrible customer before you. When you give someone the gift of a smile you might be the only one they have seen all day. Spread some joy around it doesn…

Learning Can Be Fun

I just got back from Leadership Training for doTERRA. What a wonderful event to learn at and grow in my comfort zone. It was a stretch for me to do this. I had some obstacles to get there. Was it worth it?  YES!! 
What did I learn?  How to empower my leadersHow to walk beside themHow to reach for new goalsAll about new product and how if effects our health.What amazing leaders I have above me and how much they care. That I can succeed if I put my HEART into it. To know WHY I’m doing this. So find your WHY! Serve others to get where you want to be. It is through caring that you will truly be happy. If you stay in the its “All about me” mode you will never be truly happy. 
So go find your Happy Healthy self and live life to the fullest!!

Easiest Dryer Sheets

Are you ready for this?
Do you have a favorite essential Oil?
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Grab an old wash clothe drop 3-5 drops of essential oil on to it Throw it in the dryer.
Thats it that was easy wasn’t it.
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What does Growth mean to you?

To me it was going from somewhere I really didn’t want to be to someplace I wanted to go.
For me it was seeing what I had done to us with spending money and the reason behind it. Boy am I glad I have discovered why I was doing it.
I was reading the “Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. This is a must read but you have to answer the questions truthfully to learn and get past your upper limits.  What is an “Upper Limit”? Well it is like the bouncer or boarder patrol in your thinking, that when you want to move to something else it stops you. Its all the voice you heard that said you can’t do that. You need to tell those voice to shut-up we are moving on. It hurt I won’t lie. It was hard but where I sit today is a totally different person. I say take the step.

Love this quote. We need to let the seed in our brain push through the doubt so it can grow into something amazing. Let the light shine on your dreams. Look how this cute little flower found a way.

Growth is abou…

Clove Essential Oil

Clove smells so yummy. I love the spiciness of it.   Love that I can rub it on my gums for temporary relief of a toothache until I can get into see my Dentist.  Lets look at the Emotional side of Clove: Clove supports the person who has a victim Mentality. It supports them as they stand up for themselves, being proactive and feeling capable of the choices they are making.  Read more in the “Emotions & Essential Oils” book by Daniel McDonald. You can find it at Amazon or his site

SoothingRelaxingAntiparasiticPromotes cellular healthTherapeutic CleansingPurifyingAntioxidantImmune stimulant It is steam distilled from the bud and stem. Its highest constituents is Eugenol (up to 85%)  Oder Type: is a middle to Base note. Spicy, warming, slightly bitter, woody, Intensity is a 5
As a side note look at the picture and do you see the one that kind of looks like a tooth. I think it is funny how we can see that and it is good for that. Just have to get past th…

Stinkin Thinkin...

Why do we let Stinkin Thinking ruin our day???

When we wake up and start our day with the negative Nellie attitude, it hurts what we will do and be in that day. So why not start your day as a positive Polly knowing that everything will be great.

I choose to be positive. It sure makes the day go better. Even a bad day can still be good if you look for the good in it.

Did you know that being negative can effect your health. Lets help our bodies at least. Put a smile on your face and enjoy your day.

I hope you enjoy Don’s view on Stinkin Thinking video below.

 If you choose to be happy you will feel better.
Take responsibility for your thoughts. Allow yourself to succeed.

Think about this:
Can you say one thing you are happy about?Can you start a gratitude journal?How about, looking in the mirror and saying “I love you". Sounds silly but your heart will skip a beat.Tell yourself 3 things that went right that as you are going to bed. Changes everything as you are heading off to sleep.…

What Do Your Pictures Say??

I’m talking about the ones you focus on or the ones in your mind?

I like to look at positive quotes and uplifting ones things that my mind can focus on. That bring about great things.

Those that are on my team, I’m always telling them to change that from a negative to a positive because your mind is listening to your words.

This is so true. If you tell yourself that you can’t do it your mind and body say Okay. If you say I can do this, it is amazing how your mind and body go to work on your behalf. Believe it can happen. Say it out load.

I just told my leader the other night that I would have a 100 people before the end of the month. I had made it to 99. Do you know what happened? Thatnighta perfect stranger joined my team on the from IL.....I’m in WA.

Does the Universe listen? Does God work to make it happen?

Did I believe it would happen? You bet I did!
Do you know where I end my month? With 3 more to boot. I had set my goal and it came true.
I have set a goal for 120 by …