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Some of my Favorite Ways to Use Essential Oils..

Do you know about essential Oils?
Love how the oils can support my lifestyle, from calming to energizing.
I use doTERRA’s oil because my family deserves to have the safest oils. I have used essentials oils since I was a little girl. I used them around my kids. Never on them or internally, that was a huge NO-NO.

So how do I use them?
I love to rub them on my feet in a lotion so they absorb and sooth my aching feet. They moisturize them as well. Did you know Wild Orange can help sooth and restore dry cracked feet. I love to use doTERRA’s unscented lotion for that. You squeeze a little into your hand and add a couple of drops of Wild Orange and peppermint rub together to mix and then lovingly pamper your feet with a massage. Doesn’t that feel better?
I also wear oils as my perfume. No toxic perfumes for me and I get a lot of compliments about how wonderful I smell. I will wear a blend of citrus in the morning to help me start my day. I will use a little Whisper or passion as the evening r…

Despite a Busy Schedule, Wellness Advocate Donates Time to Community”

We are all Busy but when we take time to care for others it makes our lives full, not just full of chaos.  Here is a great story of a wonderful woman who serves others even in her busy day. Caring for others is sharing the love.

That is why I picked this story

“This week I chose Monica Barajas as the Inspiring Wellness Advocate of the Week after reading about the wonderful service she has provided in her community. Like most of us, Monica juggles a busy schedule, family life, work, and more, but she doesn’t let these responsibilities keep her from taking time to give back within her community. Whether she is supporting a friend diagnosed with cancer, or visiting heart attack and stroke patients in the hospital, Monica always takes time out of her busy schedule to volunteer in her community. As a busy mother myself, I was extremely inspired by the work Monica has done—she doesn’t make excuses about her busy schedule, but simply puts others first and makes time for volunteer work. You c…

Spring Is In the Air...

Can you believe it is already April? Where did the time go? We just celebrated our grandsons 1st birthday and celebrated the next one coming in May. Do we use doTERRA oils on our little people? Yes, we do! They are safe but you need to use them wisely.

Are you starting to smell spring in the air yet? We are here but if not I have a great diffuser blend for you to enjoy and get you in that Spring mode

Spring Fling room Spray Check out doTERRA’s blog for some other fun recipes.

Why is “CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Quality Testing” Important?

Have you ever asked your self any of these questions?

Why do we need to have our essential oils tested?Why do we need to have some kind of accountability in the essential oils world?Why does doTERRA test to the extent that they do? 
Well, I’m going to look at those questions today.  1.  Why do we need to have our essential oils tested? 

We need to have them tested because there is no regulations at all over what they can put in a bottle and say it is pure. Did you know it is perfectly ok to claim that it is 100% pure on the bottle because they used a drop, Yes I said 1 drop in a bottle of who knows what. The rest of the bottle can be a chemical, a synthetic, etc. They do not have to tell us. I think this is sad. I grew up on those oils and my mother instilled to never ever put them on my skin. There is a reason they have that on the bottle. You can smell them if you want because the belief is that won’t hurt you....... REALLY? Did you know that smell is a huge factor in the amount of t…

Attitude of Gratitude

Why do you think it's important to have an attitude of gratitude?
Gratitude is a state of being thankful for what is in our lives instead of looking at what it could be like.

When we look and compare our lives to other, we aren't happy, satisfied. We need more because Betty has or Joe got.... Why can't I have a new car..... why is my life so hard......

When we are grateful for the car that is running. The job that is still there, for a husband/wife who loves us, we feel love, we feel joy. Which way do you want feel? I choose to be grateful and to be happy.

Did you know that doTERRA has a line of essential oils that can support your feelings. They are the emotional aromatherapy set. I enjoy this set to help me through the hard days and to motivate me through the days that can be a handful.