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Getting What You Want............

Can you get the things you want?

Can your dreams come true?

Can you reach your goals?

The answer is yes, Yes, YES!

How you ask
It’s all in your head...

 What you think and dwell on is what you are attracting to you. If you think about the bills and how can I pay them, you worry and think about the lack. Turn it around. Tell yourself that your glad that I have enough to pay these bills. There is plenty of money.  When this change of thought happens, when you go from lack to plenty your mind will attract the plenty. Stop thinking about where the money will come to thinking about the checks in the mail. “Money comes to me, I attract plenty”  When you leave the state of negative and enter into the positive your mind can attract positive things into your life.

Look to your spiritual influence for me that is God. Ask Him for guidance and to lead you.

Read good books that guide you and help you with your personal development.

I recommend reading these books

The Slight Edge - It helps you to …