Monday, March 16, 2015


What does Growth mean to you?

To me it was going from somewhere I really didn’t want to be to someplace I wanted to go.
For me it was seeing what I had done to us with spending money and the reason behind it. Boy am I glad I have discovered why I was doing it.
I was reading the “Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks. This is a must read but you have to answer the questions truthfully to learn and get past your upper limits.  What is an “Upper Limit”? Well it is like the bouncer or boarder patrol in your thinking, that when you want to move to something else it stops you. Its all the voice you heard that said you can’t do that. You need to tell those voice to shut-up we are moving on. It hurt I won’t lie. It was hard but where I sit today is a totally different person. I say take the step.

Love this quote. We need to let the seed in our brain push through the doubt so it can grow into something amazing. Let the light shine on your dreams. Look how this cute little flower found a way.

  • Growth is about stretching. 
  • Getting outside of your comfort zone. 
  • It is about not believing what someone might have said to you as a child. 
  • It is about finding the YOU that YOU want to be!
  • It takes planning
  • It takes desire
  • It takes perseverance 
  • It takes Loving Yourself! 

 As you take the first step it might not be easy but it wasn’t the first time you walked either. Did you give up than?? NO!! You kept pulling yourself up. You can do that now too. Don’t let those around you keep pushing you over. Find friends who believe in you if that is what you need. 
Just DON’T give up!! 
I Believe in YOU!!

Benjamin Franklin was so right in this quote.
If we don’t strive for better thing where does that leave us, usually, sad and broken. Grow and become like the might Oak tree.

For me, I strive to fail because through failure we will find success!!

This is the blend I worked wither me year of growth.

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