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Attitude of Gratitude

Why do you think it's important to have an attitude of gratitude?
Gratitude is a state of being thankful for what is in our lives instead of looking at what it could be like.

When we look and compare our lives to other, we aren't happy, satisfied. We need more because Betty has or Joe got.... Why can't I have a new car..... why is my life so hard......

When we are grateful for the car that is running. The job that is still there, for a husband/wife who loves us, we feel love, we feel joy. Which way do you want feel? I choose to be grateful and to be happy.

Did you know that doTERRA has a line of essential oils that can support your feelings. They are the emotional aromatherapy set. I enjoy this set to help me through the hard days and to motivate me through the days that can be a handful.