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Toilet Cleaning Bombs

This is what we made in class last Saturday.

What a lot of fun, you can do it with your girlfriends. A natural non toxic way to clean your toilets.

No one likes to clean the toilet. Unless it fizzes. I have friends that the kids even want to put them in and watch them fizz.

Wouldn’t it be great if they were self cleaning. This is as close as we are going to get.

So what do you do?? 
You put one tablet in and let it do its thing then come back and scrub it, flush it, & you’re all done and it even smells fresh.

1 1/2 to 2 cups Baking soda
2/3 cup citric acid
spray bottle with water
10-30 drops Essential Oil

Put dry ingredients into a bowl, mix carefully, spray lightly are it will fizz and stir until it looks like wet sand and holds its shape if squeezed in your hands (if you have sensitive skin please use cloves or if your kids are helping you). Add essential oils. I use doTERRA’s Melaleuca for its cleaning power put you can use lemon or whatever smell you like.  Let them dry for 24 …

Love Yourself.......

To Love OTHERS...
Did you know that to truly love others you need to love yourself. And did you know that if you can’t love yourself then it is hard for others to truly love you? You push them away because if you can’t love yourself than you don’t believe others can love you either.

Did you know that for you to believe that your  dreams can come true you need to believe in yourself. To do that, you need to love and trust yourself. Do you see a theme here?

Do you look in the mirror and say bad things?


Your brain will believe it if it comes out of your mouth. It has to.

So as of right now, YOU are going to tell yourself something you love. Your eyes, your hair, your smile. I can go on and on. You are so smart, beautiful. Your body is doing the best it can. Tell it thank you that you can get up. That you can love it for how hard it works for you.

God made you PERFECT!!!
You are not to short
You are not to tall
You are not FAT or to Skinny.


Today I want to talk about LIFE

Life is what we make it......... right? Not always. 

Sometimes we have to fight through the hard stuff or just give up. Sometimes its hard to see out of those rose colored glass that we are trying to wear. Maybe they are dirty or smudged. But our vision is blocked or we can only see the yuckiness and can’t see or believe there is beauty out there.

You don’t understand how everyone can just keep going and put on their happy face because you’re dying inside. Why can’t they see how bad you hurt? Why don’t they look in your eyes and see the true you.
The you that wants to be hugged so tight that you can’t breathe. The you that is lonely and hurting and can’t even tell you why. OR maybe you can but no one is listening.

I see the pain in you’re eyes but I don’t know how to fix it. I want to hug you but afraid it will upset you more. If I could take away your sorrow I would. I believe in you!! I know your heart and what an awesome person you are!! I know you are ENOUGH!! You are LOVEABLE! You a…

Vision Boards...... Why Do I Want One?

Why a Vision board? Why do I need one?What a vision board does is opens your mind to the possibility and your heart to be able to dream. When your brain sees it daily it works on getting what you desire even while you are busy doing life. Give your brain the chance to get what your heart desires. I have actually already had big things that I wanted come true. When I put it out there it happens. Why did I not know about this years ago? This has come into my life in the last 2.5 years. The things I have seen happen are wonderful.   How do I make one?
Think about what you want. A cabin in the woodsA new car; make, model, color, year etca babychecks in the mail.     2.  Cute out picture or print them from the internet.       3.  Put them so you will see them every morning and evening minimum       4.  They even have apps that you can get to make them. I like the one from Jack Canfield called Success Visionboard
Mine is a wall. I have a vinyl wall saying “Live the life you imagined” and …

Valentine's Day is Tomorrow

Are you ready to treat your sweet with some doTERRA sweets?
How about making a yummy set of suckers. Cinnamon for me, please.  Check out doTERRA’s  blog for that.  How about yummy chocolate truffles like we are making in class tonight.
White Chocolate Truffles                                                        2 bags white chips                                                            3/4 cups heavy cream                                                            5-10 doTERRA essential oils                                         Heat cream until almost boiling, don’t burn, pour over chips stir until smooth add oils put in frig until solid roll in balls are make squares dip or roll in toppings.                                           Lemon is a favorite in white truffles.                         In dark I like orange, peppermint or OnGuard are yummy choices
If you need some of these oils you can get them from me if you’re local or you can go to my site…

Take 100% Responsiblity

Do you make excuses? Blame others? This will stop your success. You cannot control the things around you only yourself.

Jack Cantfields PowerPoint

If  you blame everyone and everything around you, you are giving your power for success away. Please don't let that happen. Own what you have done or not done and make the changes that are need to be done.

Be the WINNER I know you are!!!!

Believing in Yourself

Sometimes we feel like no body cares or that we are on our own. We are never on our own, there is a higher power in my case its God that is looking out for us. But when you feel this way trust in yourself.  You can do anything you set your mind to do. 

You are the only one who can make the changes that need to be taken. Step out of your comfort zone and step into your new life. Everything you want is just outside of your comfort zone. So embrace the uncomfortable,  So you get what you want.

Believe in yourself.  I believe in you!! I know you are an AMAZING person I know you CAN DO IT!! I know you will get what you want out of life. Now GO GET IT!!