Monday, March 9, 2015

Stinkin Thinkin...

Why do we let Stinkin Thinking ruin our day???

When we wake up and start our day with the negative Nellie attitude, it hurts what we will do and be in that day. So why not start your day as a positive Polly knowing that everything will be great.

I choose to be positive. It sure makes the day go better. Even a bad day can still be good if you look for the good in it.

Did you know that being negative can effect your health. Lets help our bodies at least. Put a smile on your face and enjoy your day.

I hope you enjoy Don’s view on Stinkin Thinking video below.

 If you choose to be happy you will feel better.
Take responsibility for your thoughts. Allow yourself to succeed.

Think about this:
  • Can you say one thing you are happy about?
  • Can you start a gratitude journal?
  • How about, looking in the mirror and saying “I love you". Sounds silly but your heart will skip a beat.
  • Tell yourself 3 things that went right that as you are going to bed. Changes everything as you are heading off to sleep.
  • If you are a lady and you wear makeup talk to the little girl inside that is watching you putting it on every morning. Let her know you’re ok. You think she is beautiful. I know you are.
  • Smile it can change things in a heart beat.

No one can live in our head without granting them permission. So why do we let them have the prime real-estate. Don’t you think we should tell them to SIT DOWN & SHUT UP!!! 

You are an amazing person!! Believe in yourself and don’t let the lies win. 

One last thought. Do you think is can effect your business? Do you think someone wants to deal with this kind of attitude. Negative Nellies will NOT win in this world. I will not shop with those  kind of people. I want to feel good with what I bought. So don’t let Stinkin Thinkin effect what you do. Whether it is going to work for someone else or for yourself. Stay positive and don’t push. That will win more people to your team or sales then the opposite. People want to know you care about them and that they are not just a number. 

Go out and fulfill your dreams!! I know you can do it!!

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