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I am revamping my blog. I need to make sure it is in compliance so I am pulling some of my post so I can go back and fix where it is not right with our new rules. Please be patient with me. I am also in a family emergency. God Bless You

Looking Beyond

I have a deck of motivations cards that I bought from Melisa Pearce called “Touched by a Horse”. 
Today’s was so touching and meaningful to me. 
I have a huge goal that I believe will happen, however,  I know it is all in Gods hands because I don’t see how it can happen.  Then I pull this card. Shoot for the stars. I know you can get what you are dream of too.

Lime the Zest of Life.....

Oh how wonderful is the aroma of a fresh squeezed limes.
The flavor it adds to salsa...Yummmmy.

But did you know that in its essential oil form, it can support your body in even betters ways. It affects the  digestive, immune, and respiratory body systems.

Aromatically, lime has a fresh, lively fragrance that is uplifting,refreshing and stimulating. It can help relieve exhaustion, listlessness and sadness.

The Properties are:
CleansingPurifyingTherapeutic Restorative The odor of this wonderful essential oil is a top note with the scent that is both sweet and tart, intense and lively. Its intensity is rated at a 3. It can work well on removing gum, oil and grease stains.

Emotionally:  In Danielle McDonalds book “Emotions and Essential oils”. He states that if you are weighed down by discouragement or grief that lime elevates you above the mire.It can instill courage and cheer in the heart and reminds you to be grateful for your life. It can cleanse the heart when it has been accumulati…