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Afformations vs Affirmations.

Have you ever told yourself “I am” statements?

Did your brain believe you?
Or did it say “YEA RIGHT!”

I have done it so much that my mind is at the well if you say so stage but things still aren’t changing. So I have been reading/listening to a book by Noah St. John called “Afformations”

What is an Afformation? It is a question.
Our brains are made to solve the questions. Did you know that?

I have read the book “AFFORMATIONS” by Noah St John. It was a such an eye opener it was.   We have been asking questions to our brains for a long time. But they are the wrong questions. Why am I such an idiot? Why am I so broke? Why doesn’t anyone love me? etc.....

What do these do in your brain? They make them true. You wanted to know the answer to them.

So lets flip them... Why am I so smart? Why does money flow to me? Why am I so loved?

Doesn’t that feel better?  

I have been making these little Afformations on the text on photo app. It has been a great way to share them and I enjoy how pretty t…


I am revamping my blog. I need to make sure it is in compliance so I am pulling some of my post so I can go back and fix where it is not right with our new rules. Please be patient with me. I am also in a family emergency. God Bless You

Looking Beyond

I have a deck of motivations cards that I bought from Melisa Pearce called “Touched by a Horse”. 
Today’s was so touching and meaningful to me. 
I have a huge goal that I believe will happen, however,  I know it is all in Gods hands because I don’t see how it can happen.  Then I pull this card. Shoot for the stars. I know you can get what you are dream of too.

Lime the Zest of Life.....

Oh how wonderful is the aroma of a fresh squeezed limes.
The flavor it adds to salsa...Yummmmy.

But did you know that in its essential oil form, it can support your body in even betters ways. It affects the  digestive, immune, and respiratory body systems.

Aromatically, lime has a fresh, lively fragrance that is uplifting,refreshing and stimulating. It can help relieve exhaustion, listlessness and sadness.

The Properties are:
CleansingPurifyingTherapeutic Restorative The odor of this wonderful essential oil is a top note with the scent that is both sweet and tart, intense and lively. Its intensity is rated at a 3. It can work well on removing gum, oil and grease stains.

Emotionally:  In Danielle McDonalds book “Emotions and Essential oils”. He states that if you are weighed down by discouragement or grief that lime elevates you above the mire.It can instill courage and cheer in the heart and reminds you to be grateful for your life. It can cleanse the heart when it has been accumulati…

Please, Can We Be Nice and Love One Another......

Friday was a day of rejoicing for some and a day of sadness for others.

I will not take a stand either way on this. I have a VERY STRONG opinion on judging others. God did not put us here to do His job. He put us here to have a relationship with Him and to love others.

We need to remember that words HURT. I hate the poem “Sticks and Stones” because words do hurt. Words can KILL. Let us not hurt others. I have been hurt with the sticks and stones but they are gone. I have carried the words with me forever. I try to turn them off but sometimes they raise there ugliness.

Please!! Think how you would feel if someone said it to you. You don’t have to agree but you don’t have to be so mean to get your OPINION across.

Love can reach so much further then hate. Love covers the pain, fear, etc.. Grace is what we need daily. Let us give grace to those out in the world.

Remember you will be judged as you judge others. I choose to LOVE and let God do what He does so well!

We Judge ourselves hard…

Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Oh how I love the smell of lemongrass!

Odor is Grassy, lemony, pungent, earthy with an intensity of about 4.

Properties:SoothingCleansingPromotes cellular healthRelaxingPurifyingInsect RepellentRevitalizerSedativeTonicPromotes clear blood vessels Body System affected while using Lemongrass essential oil is the immune system, muscles and bones. Aromatically it supports awareness and purification. Did you know that if you are uncomfortable putting oils in or on you, smelling can assist you greatly.

Emotionally: It is the oil of cleansing. It is a cleanser of energy. It helps with feeling of despondency, despair and lethargy. Lemongrass assists in entering a healing mode or cleansing state. In this state, one can easily let go of old, limiting beliefs, toxic energies and negativity. Lemongrass teaches individuals to move forward without hesitation. It asks them to commit to a healing path where change is a regular occurrence.
It can also assist in cleansing the energy in your house, room …

Getting it Done!

Have you got a job or project so big that it overwhelms you?

How do you start?
Well, hire a friend to help you.

You can tradeyou can payyou can treat them to something Life is more fun when you do it with someone else. So is a project. 
Does and Don’ts Do turn on music helps to get you movingdo it with a friendset a timer if you needbreak it up into smaller jobs Don’t leave the area until that small thing is doneDon’t go put something away. It will distract youDon’t get distracted by social mediaDon’t let your emotions override your progressDon’t stopStop making excuses
I have been trying to get my life in order and I have been struggling with my house so today I hired my daughter-in-law, Sarah to come help. This is something she likes to do. I don’t understand people who like to clean but it is time I pay them to help me GET IT DONE!
I hope you have an amazing day and that you get your project done if not make a dent.

Are You in a Valley?

Are you stuck?

Psalms 23:4 says “Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod& your staff, they comfort me.”

Valleys are to be walked in, NOT lived in! Keep walking don’t up.Valleys are where we need light. Shadows are scary, but shadows can’t hurt you. Have you ever noticed how much bigger it is  then the original object.Valleys expose our greatest fears. Did you know once they are exposed they are not as scary because they are exposed to the light. So they aren’t as dark any more.Valleys are where I meet God. Sometimes when things are going well we don’t seek God but when things get hard we run to Him. He helps us out of the valley so we can walk among the clouds.  Sometimes we are put in the valley to help someone else out.

Did you know we weren’t created for the spirit of fear. There are over 365 promises in the Bible over fear. That is a new promise everyday.

To get unstuck try some of these steps.
The motivation for today.  …

Lemon, Oh How I love Lemon.......

Lemon has always been scent that makes me happy. It is like sunshine on a cloudy gray day.
I live in Washington State, I know about cloudy gray days.

We are very lucky right now it is beautiful. A wonderful reason to have a frozen lemonade.

I use lemon oil many different ways. I love it in my smoothies or water but please make sure you are using a brand that is ok to take internally. One that show it has a supplement label.
Why is this important? Because not all essential oils are created equal. They don’t regulate what else they may put in that bottle. As long as what they say it is what it is, is really in it than they are not breaking any laws. Please be safe. It is like the “natural” items. As long as there is one ingredient that is natural they can label it that way....Really??

 Properties of Lemon:Promotes cellular healthUplifts moodPurifyingcleansingAntioxidantAstringentinvigoratingrefreshing  It supports the digestive, immune and respiratory systems.  Its fragrance is invigor…

What Makes you Happy?

What is Happiness? Is it things?People? Peace of mind? How about a state of mind!
Can you choose to be happy? I do everyday.
Yes, life can be heavy. It can be hard. BUT if you CHOOSE as you get up everyday, that it is a good day, then you choose to be Happy.

The Oil of Communication....

So which oil helps with communicating? Lavender oil.

Lavender is like the swiss army knife of essential oils.

It can calm and relax but if you use to much it can also excite and simulate. If can sooth a burn.It is wonderful for your skin and those occasional irritation.  

Properties:SoothingAnticoagulantSoothes seasonal threatsProtects against outside threatsRelaxingCleansingAntimutagenicPurifyingAntispasmodicAntitoxicPromotescellular healthCardiotonicRegenerativeSedative  The body system it supports is the cardiovascular and nervous system, emotional balance and the skin.

Its odor is a middle note, it smells sweet, herbaceous with a balsamic woody undertone. Its intensity is about a 2.

Emotionally:Lavender aids in verbal expression. It calms the insecurities that are felt when one risks their true thoughts and feelings. It address a deep fear of being seen and heard. Please go read Daniel Mcdonalds book Emotions for the rest of the info. It is so wonderful. I have 3 editions so I can g…


Mercy is something that is freely given, it is not earned.
Mercy is something that you show your neighbor when they did something that upset you but they weren’t trying to hurt you.
Mercy  is something you give to your teenager when they make a mistake that they already have beat themselves up for and you give them a hug and tell them you understand.
Mercy is that scratch your wife accidentally put in the car today and you looked the other way or dry her tears.
Mercy is the homeless person on the corner that you just gave your lunch to or the money to buy it.
 Mercy is what God gives us everyday as we walk on this earth. For the thoughts we think and the words we say and He says, “It is ok child, I forgive you”.
Mercy is a smile to someone who has had a hard day.

May you find mercy while you give it to others today.
God bless.  

Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry might assist in detoxing.
It can be beneficial to for skin issues.

Historical uses over the centuries, juniper has been used for purification, physically and spiritually. It can assist with infections and wounds, liver complaints.

Monoterpenes is the biggest Constituents in juniper berry.

 Properties:Purifying AntispasmodicAstringentCleanerDetoxifierDiureticStimulant Tonic The body system affected is the digestive system, nervous system, Skin and emotional balance.
Odor is a middle note (50-80% of the blend) It has a sweet, balsamic, tenacious scent. The intensity is a 3. It is an equalizer in blends. I got this info from the “Modern Essentials”

 Emotionally: Juniper is the oil of night. It helps those who have a fear of the dark or unknown aspects of themselves. It can help them to understand that their fears are the teachers. So instead of hiding from what you don’t understand, Juniper Berry encourages you to learn and face your fears. I have found, Juniper put on a …

Being Me....

You are you. Life is to short to worry about being someone else. Please enjoy being you.

I’m enjoying coming into my true self. God didn’t call us to be someone else. He designed us to be who we are. Do we have the right to tell God He doesn’t know what He is doing?

I have always been me because I don’t feel the need to be someone else. I trust that God made me like this and I do the things I do because that is my design.

I have a servants heart and I enjoy serving others but don’t use or abuse me. I do bite if you push or have an I owe you attitude.

God gave me this nurturing heart and I will use it to help you. I have the ability to feel your pain and have empathy for what you are going through.

You are meant to live your outrages life, so go be YOU!
Enjoy your life and have some crazy fun.
Be silly who cares what others think.


Helichrysum Essential Oil.

Did you know that Helichrysum is the oil for pain?

In the Emotions book it says Helichrysum removes emotional pain quickly and effortlessly. It can help “the walking wounded” - those with a history of difficult life circumstances, trauma, addiction, loss or abuse. There is a lot more info in the book so please check it out. It addresses emotions of

Anguish TurmoilHopelessDespairTraumaWounded
I love this oil. I love how it supported my body when I got a paper cut. I  got a paper cut with cardboard and was bleeding pretty bad, only me LOL.


CleansingAnticatarrhalAnticoagulantAntioxidantAntispasmodicProtective Helps clear the sinusesMucolytic
It supports the Cardiovascular system, Muscles, and bones in the body.  Aromatic influence is uplifting to the subconscious and may help calm feelings of anger.
Odor: Type middle Note with scent hat is rich, sweet, fruity, with tea and honey undertones. ///the intensity is a 3. 
 I am here to help you. I would love to help you find your Happ…

Essential Oils in Your Garden.

Did you know you can use essential oils in your garden?

Slugs can destroy your young plants quicker than the slime they leave in their wake. So what oils can you spray around to help keep them out of the garden? Try some White Fir or Cedarwood. Just put a few drops in a spray bottle and spray the area.
Ants If they kept their little bodies outside I really wouldn’t have a problem with them but every year they think they should come check out whats in the big house. I have a friend who used peppermint worked beautifully. I just taught a class and one of the lovely ladies said she used Oregano, She said hasn’t seen anything since. Wow.   Another tip I have heard is just put your empty bottles out there. They swear by it. So, if you don’t know what to do with your empty bottles save them for gardening season. These oils can be found to be helpful. TerrashieldPeppermintCinnamonWhite FirThymeGeraniumCedarwoodLemongrassArborvitae
Even the big farmers ore starting to use essential oils. There …