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Why is “CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® Quality Testing” Important?

Have you ever asked your self any of these questions?

Why do we need to have our essential oils tested?Why do we need to have some kind of accountability in the essential oils world?Why does doTERRA test to the extent that they do? 
Well, I’m going to look at those questions today.  1.  Why do we need to have our essential oils tested? 

We need to have them tested because there is no regulations at all over what they can put in a bottle and say it is pure. Did you know it is perfectly ok to claim that it is 100% pure on the bottle because they used a drop, Yes I said 1 drop in a bottle of who knows what. The rest of the bottle can be a chemical, a synthetic, etc. They do not have to tell us. I think this is sad. I grew up on those oils and my mother instilled to never ever put them on my skin. There is a reason they have that on the bottle. You can smell them if you want because the belief is that won’t hurt you....... REALLY? Did you know that smell is a huge factor in the amount of t…