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Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry might assist in detoxing.
It can be beneficial to for skin issues.

Historical uses over the centuries, juniper has been used for purification, physically and spiritually. It can assist with infections and wounds, liver complaints.

Monoterpenes is the biggest Constituents in juniper berry.

 Properties:Purifying AntispasmodicAstringentCleanerDetoxifierDiureticStimulant Tonic The body system affected is the digestive system, nervous system, Skin and emotional balance.
Odor is a middle note (50-80% of the blend) It has a sweet, balsamic, tenacious scent. The intensity is a 3. It is an equalizer in blends. I got this info from the “Modern Essentials”

 Emotionally: Juniper is the oil of night. It helps those who have a fear of the dark or unknown aspects of themselves. It can help them to understand that their fears are the teachers. So instead of hiding from what you don’t understand, Juniper Berry encourages you to learn and face your fears. I have found, Juniper put on a …

Being Me....

You are you. Life is to short to worry about being someone else. Please enjoy being you.

I’m enjoying coming into my true self. God didn’t call us to be someone else. He designed us to be who we are. Do we have the right to tell God He doesn’t know what He is doing?

I have always been me because I don’t feel the need to be someone else. I trust that God made me like this and I do the things I do because that is my design.

I have a servants heart and I enjoy serving others but don’t use or abuse me. I do bite if you push or have an I owe you attitude.

God gave me this nurturing heart and I will use it to help you. I have the ability to feel your pain and have empathy for what you are going through.

You are meant to live your outrages life, so go be YOU!
Enjoy your life and have some crazy fun.
Be silly who cares what others think.


Helichrysum Essential Oil.

Did you know that Helichrysum is the oil for pain?

In the Emotions book it says Helichrysum removes emotional pain quickly and effortlessly. It can help “the walking wounded” - those with a history of difficult life circumstances, trauma, addiction, loss or abuse. There is a lot more info in the book so please check it out. It addresses emotions of

Anguish TurmoilHopelessDespairTraumaWounded
I love this oil. I love how it supported my body when I got a paper cut. I  got a paper cut with cardboard and was bleeding pretty bad, only me LOL.


CleansingAnticatarrhalAnticoagulantAntioxidantAntispasmodicProtective Helps clear the sinusesMucolytic
It supports the Cardiovascular system, Muscles, and bones in the body.  Aromatic influence is uplifting to the subconscious and may help calm feelings of anger.
Odor: Type middle Note with scent hat is rich, sweet, fruity, with tea and honey undertones. ///the intensity is a 3. 
 I am here to help you. I would love to help you find your Happ…

Essential Oils in Your Garden.

Did you know you can use essential oils in your garden?

Slugs can destroy your young plants quicker than the slime they leave in their wake. So what oils can you spray around to help keep them out of the garden? Try some White Fir or Cedarwood. Just put a few drops in a spray bottle and spray the area.
Ants If they kept their little bodies outside I really wouldn’t have a problem with them but every year they think they should come check out whats in the big house. I have a friend who used peppermint worked beautifully. I just taught a class and one of the lovely ladies said she used Oregano, She said hasn’t seen anything since. Wow.   Another tip I have heard is just put your empty bottles out there. They swear by it. So, if you don’t know what to do with your empty bottles save them for gardening season. These oils can be found to be helpful. TerrashieldPeppermintCinnamonWhite FirThymeGeraniumCedarwoodLemongrassArborvitae
Even the big farmers ore starting to use essential oils. There …

Grapefruit. Essential Oil..

Grapefruit Essential Oil comes from the rind of the plant it is cold pressed. When you peel a citrus and it squirts out that wonderful aroma that is the essential oil being released.

Did you know there is a study that has proven that just smelling grapefruit scents can help you lose weight. That is how powerful grapefruit can be. It can tell your brain you don’t want that sugar sweet thing. I think that is really cool. Emotionally: Grapefruit essential oil is the oil of honoring the body. It teaches true respect and appreciation of ones physical body. It helps those who don’t give their bodies honor & respect. You need to know your body loves you so do it a favor and love it back.                                                                                               Emotions Addressed: Hate for the body, addiction to food or dieting, eating disorders, anxiety over appearanceIf you would like to learn more about this wonderful oil Check out this book by Daniel Mcdonald.