Monday, January 26, 2015

Motivation Monday.....


What does that word mean to you?

The dictionary says

: to accept or regard (something) as true
: to accept the truth of what is said by (someone)
: to have (a specified opinion)

Do you know that what you tell yourself your brain believes? If it hears you say; you can’t learn, your stupid, I’m an idiot. Well, guess what, it will work to prove you right. 

So lets start believing in yourself!

Your assignment, should you choose to do it.
I want you to start telling yourself: Preferably looking yourself in the eye in a mirror.
  • That you love yourself or your lovable. 
  • That you are a great person. 
  • That you are enough 
  • That you are perfect just who you are.
  • That you forgive yourself. (This was my hardest one to do. breath in geranium)
  • That you are AWESOME!
  • That you are a success
  • That you have got THIS!
Stop beating yourself up! Have you ever truly listened to your words. If the things I use to say to myself, someone said to my kids....... Well, lets just say they would be 10ft under...momma bear here.
Soooo, why then, is it okay to say those to ourselves. 

You were made beautiful and perfect in the eyes of the creator. He does NOT make mistakes and He does NOT make junk!!!! 
You are beautiful/handsome.
You are special.
You are smart.
You are perfect just the way you are!

Please... learn to LOVE YOURSELF!!!

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