A Couple Testimonies from Oil Users

Today’s post are 2 stories from the Compliance Department for their experiences with using essential oils in the spring and summer months and we hope you enjoy! The first is from Ben,one of our compliance supervisors:
My whole life I have had a struggle in the spring and summer months and I know I am not the only one that experiences these issues. When I was a kid, I had to get help to manage the symptoms that would make me so miserable while trees were blooming and especially when I was around freshly cut grass. Five years ago, my wife and I were invited to attend a dōTERRA essential oils class taught by my sister-in-law. I agreed to go, but was quite skeptical and did not think the oils would help me at all. During the class, my sister-in-law asked if anyone was struggling with the changing of the seasons. Since that was something I had trouble with, I raised my hand and she asked me to try the oils. Still skeptical, I held out my hand as she dropped lavender, lemon, and peppermint …

One of the Reasons I love doTERRA.

I am sure you have heard of this program and the many benefits and ways it is blessing the lives of so many women and girls across the world. We wanted to help you get a more personal view of the wonderful effects this organization is having.  This interview was with Jennifer Kelly who is currently living in Guatemala working with that chapter of Days for Girls:
Q: What impact is Days for Girls having worldwide and, specifically, in Guatemala? A: The Days for Girls mission is “Every Girl. Everywhere. Period.” That goal is truly having a global impact. We get to see videos from some of the girls who have received our kits. Their stories about how they are able to stay in school and that they are no longer embarrassed are amazing to hear.
Q: What are you currently working on in the Days for Girls Guatemala chapter? A: We now have Managers, directors, and 10 seamstresses working in our Guatemala facility creating the kits! We have been able to teach local women how to make the kits, which…

Happy Mother’s Day

Are you looking for a gift for an important woman in your life? 
The doTERRA Harmony Aroma Handcraft Collection is a unique meaningful gift you can utilize to create your own personal scents.  While Mother’s Day is a beautiful holiday for many, it can also be a difficult day for others. These oils promote relaxation and calmness for anyone who is feeling anxious for this upcoming day. The balancing and grounding aromas provide stability and peace when inhaled or diffused.

Reach out to a woman who is in need of extra support with the doTERRA Harmony Aroma Handcraft Collection! You can purchase your own or as a gift at
I hope your Mother’s Day is a special day. That it is filled with love and joy. God please bless all the mothers today. Help those who are dealing with heartache and send them comfort.

Juniper Berry

Do you ever feel like you have too much stress and want to detox, but don’t know how? 
doTERRA’s Juniper Berry essential oil has a woody, spicy, yet fresh aroma that creates a calming and grounding effect. 
You can add one to two drops to water or citrus drinks as part of a natural cleansing regimen.
Not only that, is it great when diffused with citrus oils to lessen stress. 
This unique oil is also a natural skin toner and can help reduce the appearance of blemishes, promoting a clear and healthy complexion.

Add some fun to your next event with essential oil make-n-takes featuring Juniper Berry! This simple gift will keep your attendees remembering the powerful benefits of essential oils long after the event is over.

Do you want to learn a little more about Juniper Berry> Check out this blog post from doTERRA.

I am here to help. If you need some of amazing oil that can also help …

Petitgrain Essential Oil

So what is some health priorities you can benefit with using this oil?

Relaxation*Promotes a restful nights sleep*Skin support* 

Some days we just need to relax. dōTERRA Petitgrain essential oil helps promote feelings of relaxation and is helpful in creating a calm, relaxed environment. 

I laughed when Dr. Hill, said it is a manly Lavender because sometimes a man doesn’t want to smell like a field of flowers.

Two ways to use this oil is diffusing it with Lavender and Bergamot before going to bed or combining a few drops with dōTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil for a relaxing foot massage. 

It even helps promote healthy skin! Add a few drops to Fractionated Coconut Oil and apply to help reduce the appearance of skin imperfections.

Here is a little video on Petitgrain you might enjoy.
Do you want one? Here is a direct link to that oil.

May you truly have a blessed day and if you need any help please reach out. You can also check this out if you want to know why I love doTERRA so much http://bit.l…

Some of my Favorite Ways to Use Essential Oils..

Do you know about essential Oils?
Love how the oils can support my lifestyle, from calming to energizing.
I use doTERRA’s oil because my family deserves to have the safest oils. I have used essentials oils since I was a little girl. I used them around my kids. Never on them or internally, that was a huge NO-NO.

So how do I use them?
I love to rub them on my feet in a lotion so they absorb and sooth my aching feet. They moisturize them as well. Did you know Wild Orange can help sooth and restore dry cracked feet. I love to use doTERRA’s unscented lotion for that. You squeeze a little into your hand and add a couple of drops of Wild Orange and peppermint rub together to mix and then lovingly pamper your feet with a massage. Doesn’t that feel better?
I also wear oils as my perfume. No toxic perfumes for me and I get a lot of compliments about how wonderful I smell. I will wear a blend of citrus in the morning to help me start my day. I will use a little Whisper or passion as the evening r…

Despite a Busy Schedule, Wellness Advocate Donates Time to Community”

We are all Busy but when we take time to care for others it makes our lives full, not just full of chaos.  Here is a great story of a wonderful woman who serves others even in her busy day. Caring for others is sharing the love.

That is why I picked this story

“This week I chose Monica Barajas as the Inspiring Wellness Advocate of the Week after reading about the wonderful service she has provided in her community. Like most of us, Monica juggles a busy schedule, family life, work, and more, but she doesn’t let these responsibilities keep her from taking time to give back within her community. Whether she is supporting a friend diagnosed with cancer, or visiting heart attack and stroke patients in the hospital, Monica always takes time out of her busy schedule to volunteer in her community. As a busy mother myself, I was extremely inspired by the work Monica has done—she doesn’t make excuses about her busy schedule, but simply puts others first and makes time for volunteer work. You c…