Monday, April 13, 2015

Think for There You Are

Have you ever wondered why something happened that you thought would?

Sunday I listened to “The Power of I AM”. I know that if you think about something you can manifest it to happen but do you know why.
It is because the brain believes what you tell it. So if you tell yourself you are sad or happy you will be. Believe in yourself and your Devine, I call mine Lord.
If you doubt your can your mind believes you. So why would it make it happen. Your mind will make what you think about most. Make sure your thinking positive and not negative. I think about my success, my team growing, my leaders success, etc.                                                             Is it happening? YES!                                             
Do I believe I will reach my goals??                     
You better believe I DO!!                                                                    
Please don’t fill your life with doubt.                     
Don’t create an attitude of lack.

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