Monday, February 16, 2015

Vision Boards...... Why Do I Want One?

Why a Vision board?

Why do I need one?

What a vision board does is opens your mind to the possibility and your heart to be able to dream. When your brain sees it daily it works on getting what you desire even while you are busy doing life. Give your brain the chance to get what your heart desires. I have actually already had big things that I wanted come true. When I put it out there it happens. Why did I not know about this years ago? This has come into my life in the last 2.5 years. The things I have seen happen are wonderful.  

How do I make one?

  1. Think about what you want. 
  • A cabin in the woods
  • A new car; make, model, color, year etc
  • a baby
  • checks in the mail.
     2.  Cute out picture or print them from the internet. 
     3.  Put them so you will see them every morning and evening minimum 
     4.  They even have apps that you can get to make them. I like the one from Jack Canfield called Success Visionboard

Mine is a wall. I have a vinyl wall saying “Live the life you imagined” and pictures are going around it all the time. Quotes that inspire me, I put up on it too. It is a work in progress. But it is the wall behind my computer so I see it while I am working on those goals.

I have my honey’s dream car I’m working on and a cabin in the woods. I want something huge so I can use it as a retreat area for training or for my family to go to all together. I have more things to put up on the wall. Like Gold rank by August is my outrageous Dec at the latest.

I need to put my leaders on there for their success. Let your mind see what you want because it likes pictures.

I like to smell my “Accept Wealth & Abundance” Blend also. If you want more info on this please comment below. I will reply or you can email me also.

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