Friday, February 20, 2015

Today I want to talk about LIFE

Life is what we make it......... right?

Not always. 

Sometimes we have to fight through the hard stuff or just give up. Sometimes its hard to see out of those rose colored glass that we are trying to wear. Maybe they are dirty or smudged. But our vision is blocked or we can only see the yuckiness and can’t see or believe there is beauty out there.

You don’t understand how everyone can just keep going and put on their happy face because you’re dying inside. Why can’t they see how bad you hurt? Why don’t they look in your eyes and see the true you.
The you that wants to be hugged so tight that you can’t breathe. The you that is lonely and hurting and can’t even tell you why. OR maybe you can but no one is listening.

I see the pain in you’re eyes but I don’t know how to fix it. I want to hug you but afraid it will upset you more. If I could take away your sorrow I would. I believe in you!! I know your heart and what an awesome person you are!! I know you are ENOUGH!! You are LOVEABLE! You are COURAGEOUS! You are BEAUTIFUL!! You are STRONG!!

There is truly only one who can do that for you. He will help you work through your hurts and sorrow. You can make you whole and happy. It won’t be an overnight thing. It will take time to heal. But please know that if you trust Him, He will carry your sorrows for you. He will hold you. He hears when you are alone and sobbing He weeps with you aching to hold you and comfort you. Who is HE??
He is the might one, the I AM, the creator of this place we call home, earth or planet.

And of course you need your friends, family. If you let them in they will be there for you, if they are truly your friend. If they aren’t them maybe you need to let them go instead of blaming yourself that you aren’t good enough. Trust me YOU are so much more than they deserve. Find that person who loves you as you are.

I hope you walk away from this post believing in yourself and knowing how AWESOME YOU ARE. 

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