Monday, February 23, 2015

Love Yourself.......

To Love OTHERS...

Did you know that to truly love others you need to love yourself. And did you know that if you can’t love yourself then it is hard for others to truly love you? You push them away because if you can’t love yourself than you don’t believe others can love you either.

Did you know that for you to believe that your  dreams can come true you need to believe in yourself. To do that, you need to love and trust yourself. Do you see a theme here?

Do you look in the mirror and say bad things?


Your brain will believe it if it comes out of your mouth. It has to.

So as of right now, YOU are going to tell yourself something you love. Your eyes, your hair, your smile. I can go on and on. You are so smart, beautiful. Your body is doing the best it can. Tell it thank you that you can get up. That you can love it for how hard it works for you.

God made you PERFECT!!!
You are not to short
You are not to tall
You are not FAT or to Skinny.


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