Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day is Tomorrow

Are you ready to treat your sweet with some doTERRA sweets?

How about making a yummy set of suckers.
Cinnamon for me, please. 
Check out doTERRA’s  blog for that. 
How about yummy chocolate truffles like we are making in class tonight.

White Chocolate Truffles                                                        2 bags white chips                                                            3/4 cups heavy cream                                                            5-10 doTERRA essential oils                                         Heat cream until almost boiling, don’t burn, pour over chips stir until smooth add oils put in frig until solid roll in balls are make squares dip or roll in toppings.                                           Lemon is a favorite in white truffles.                         In dark I like orange, peppermint or OnGuard are yummy choices

If you need some of these oils you can get them from me if you’re local or you can go to my site
Thank you for visiting today.

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