Monday, January 19, 2015

Motivation Monday!!

Everyday we have choices to make. 

Do YOU really want what you desire most in this life? 

Then you really need to go after it. 
You need to take control of our distractions and jump into the boat. 
You will be left behind on the dock as others will not wait for you to get in. 
Make your decision today and grab on to your dreams so you can get off the dock. 

No more waiting! 
No more wishing and hoping!
No more of the “well maybe next year” “next time” thinking. 

Your future starts today

Post a comment telling me what you are going after. 
I will draw 2 names, for some Wild Orange essential oil. 
It will help you to stay in positive thinking mode. 
Did you know it is the oil of abundance? 
I will give you until next Sunday (25th) at midnight to comment. 
I will draw a name on Monday and post in the comments. 
Good Luck!
Now go get the life you want!!!

My boat is in the middle of the ocean so I can’t change my mind and 
get out of the boat when things get tough or hurt. 
This thinking has helped me to stay the course. 
I have dreams so big that they scare me but 
I’m so excited to get there and be able to help others change their lives too.

If you would like to talk how you can work on changing your life I’m here. 

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