Some of my Favorite Ways to Use Essential Oils..

Do you know about essential Oils?
Love how the oils can support my lifestyle, from calming to energizing.
I use doTERRA’s oil because my family deserves to have the safest oils. I have used essentials oils since I was a little girl. I used them around my kids. Never on them or internally, that was a huge NO-NO.

So how do I use them?
I love to rub them on my feet in a lotion so they absorb and sooth my aching feet. They moisturize them as well. Did you know Wild Orange can help sooth and restore dry cracked feet. I love to use doTERRA’s unscented lotion for that. You squeeze a little into your hand and add a couple of drops of Wild Orange and peppermint rub together to mix and then lovingly pamper your feet with a massage. Doesn’t that feel better?
I also wear oils as my perfume. No toxic perfumes for me and I get a lot of compliments about how wonderful I smell. I will wear a blend of citrus in the morning to help me start my day. I will use a little Whisper or passion as the evening rolls around to help get in the mood.

I love to flavor my sparkling water with grapefruit Essential Oils. Please only use oils you trust and that have a supplement label on them. I use doTERRA daily. A little citrus in your water can support detoxing your body. I like to add a couple of drops to my water verses cutting a lemon and squeezing in 1/2. That is to sour for my taste. The drops don’t taste sour, nice. When I need to support my body with a little more oomph I will actually drink Frankincense, Cilantro and Spearmint. just 1-2 drops of each. It helps my body to move a little freer and to do a little metal detoxing.

My last way to use my oils is in a diffuser. Boy am I glad I have them. I have been running them at my networking group lately. They are doing some major remodeling where we meet and the chemical smell is so bad. My body is not happy.  Diffusing can lift a mood, clean the air in your space and even  help eliminate the stink.


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